Fabric is Lebanon’s first textile pattern design studio launched in April 2017.

The studio provides professional textile pattern designs to various markets.

'Fabric' means 'create' in Arabic (also spelled fa-bric), but the name is not just a play on words. It also hints to the studio's intention to engage the local community in the culture of creation.

In addition to its main service, digital textile design, the studio recently launched a handmade textile design service, namely block printing.

To transmit the spirit of creation to the community, the studio has also hosted a number of block printing workshops in Beirut.



Fabric Textile Studio is founded by Stephanie Nehme.

Originally earning her Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2009, Stephanie worked in fashion marketing before moving on to experimenting with fashion design. She attended a six month night school at ESMOD Beirut in a dual program combining fashion design and pattern making, followed by a short summer course, Fashion Thinking in 3D, at Central Saint Martins in London. Something about fashion design didn’t fully tick and halfway designing her first collection, that was all patterned fabrics, she put the project on hold. The collection was meant to illustrate stories on clothing. Interested in storytelling, she went on, until 2016, to work as a freelance writer and journalist, mainly at Lebanon’s leading English newspaper, The Daily Star, covering mostly design in Beirut.

During the above, Stephanie submitted a creative proposal to ending urban hunger to the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2014. Her submission was chosen among more than 1,800 pre-applicants making it to a semifinalist's pool of more than 300 applications. She also wrote an unpublished children’s sea world adventure.

In 2016, full focus turned to learning textile pattern design, honoring her long love for textiles, patterns and repeats. Stephanie chose an online education where leading textile design studios and a lively community of industry experts and hungry learners taught each other their ways and it was fun and nourishing.

She launched Fabric Textile Studio in April 2017 as a way to explore visual storytelling through textiles.

Stephanie values alternative education and regularly works on expanding her knowledge in art and design.