Fabric is Lebanon’s first textile pattern design studio launched in April 2017.

The studio provides textile pattern designs to various markets like apparel and home.

'Fabric' means 'create' in Arabic (also spelled fa-bric), but the name is not just a play on words. It also hints to the studio's intention to engage the local community in the culture of creation.

In November 2017, the studio joined the Khan Al Joukh initiative for a year. This initiative has provided six local brands each with a space at Beirut Souks in support of young local design talents. Fabric has been operating from one shared space, Studio 2.

During its time at Studio 2, Fabric explored hand made techniques to textile design like block printing + stitching. The first collection of six unique block printed + stitched textile pieces was launched in June 2018 for Beirut Design Week.

For the shop, and as Fabric aims to encourage making and conscious consumption, the studio presented its first physical products as unfinished textile pieces instead of end products, encouraging consumers to be the designers themselves. The studio also pushed consumers further in the making process by hosting block printing workshops at Studio 2.

Throughout its first year, Fabric was also busy working with its first client, Skaff, a well respected fabric store in Lebanon, where the studio designed 11 exclusive patterns inspired by Lebanon. The collection entitled ‘Min Lebnen’ (translated ‘From Lebanon’) was launched in November 2018 at Tawlet, Beirut, and is now on sale at all Skaff branches.




Fabric is founded by Stephanie Nehme.

Originally earning her Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2009, Stephanie worked in fashion marketing before moving on to experimenting with fashion design. She attended a six month night school at ESMOD Beirut in a dual program combining fashion design and pattern making, followed by a short summer course, Fashion Thinking in 3D, at Central Saint Martins in London. Something about fashion design didn’t fully tick and halfway designing her first collection, that was all patterned fabrics, she put the project on hold. The collection was meant to illustrate stories on clothing. Interested in storytelling, she went on, until 2016, to work as a freelance writer and journalist, mainly at Lebanon’s leading English newspaper, The Daily Star, covering mostly design in Beirut.

During the above, Stephanie submitted a creative proposal to ending urban hunger to the prestigious Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2014. Her submission was chosen among more than 1,800 pre-applicants making it to a semifinalist's pool of more than 300 applications. She also wrote an unpublished children’s sea world adventure.

In 2016, full focus turned to learning textile pattern design, honoring her long love for textiles, patterns and repeats. Stephanie chose an online education where leading textile design studios, industry experts and a lively community of hungry learners and supporters taught each other their ways and it was fun and nourishing.

She founded Fabric in January 2017 and launched the studio on April 28 of that year.

Stephanie values alternative education and regularly works on expanding her knowledge in the field of textile design.